Wednesday, October 22, 2014

These Tots Are Stylish!!

This little boy is the coolest kid in the world. How do we know this? 1) He's dressed to impress with layers galore. 2) He's obviously going on some kind of James Bond style mission. 3) The haircut. 4) The cross around his neck. 5) The monogrammed luggage tag. Only really stylish people have those because they are important. 

Of course it helps Aila Wang's Uncle is famous fashion designer Alexander Wang. She is THE best dressed person spotted at NYC Fashion week. From her designer snakeskin dress (by said uncle) to her little Chanel bag (eee!) she drips darling everywhere. And she is the only person to choose functional footwear, her Nike kicks, to walk around the city while taking in the fashion. 

This little girl is the epitome of chic. Her clothing is simple: trenchcoat, striped shirt, jeans, sandals and a belt. 
This tot is a combination of hipster and street smart style with his blazer, toque and distressed denim. He kind of looks like he could work for a gossip mag with the IPhone that's as big as his head. Or he could be just filming his upper middle class parents fighting about who gets to drive the new Benz to Yoga class-and then posts it to YouTube. Either way he's a sharp little dude ready to take on the world. Whatever he ends up doing, we hope he takes that dog with him. Fido is the perfect accessory to a well dressed kid. Did you catch the skull and cross bone adorning his collar? Quite the pair.

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